kevin vogel
drives a porsche.

Kevin Vogel birth name: kevin michael vladamir vogel
alias: kevin "sweetcheeks" mccomb
title: head of maintenance, rancho relax-o resort
records on: hard disk
using: digital technology
since: 1995
first modem speed: 2400
influences: industrial music, early techno
best machine ever: compression ignition air pumps
dreams of: kitty-cats with gun permits
has nightmares of: stopping
will: never stop

matt french
...not like you, from the other side.

matt french birth name: matthew ryan french
alias: swanse rocket
title: producer / site admin
uses: home computers
since: 1995
records on: digital media
first modem speed: 2400 baud
influences: d.m. or maybe a rave
best machine ever: nexus 6
dreams of: more
has nightmares of: less
will: continue

lee chameleon
split your brain and you'll understand.

lee chameleon birth name: derek lee ervin
alias: lee chameleon
title: music maker
records on: surveillance, zuvuya, some odd pilot, tar100mg, outback
using: yes
since: the beginning
first modem speed: n/a
influences: beat driven music, honky tonk music
best machine ever: the lighter
dreams of: paranoid situations which will probably never happen
has nightmares of: paranoid situations which will probably never happen
will: rock you

randy hancock

randy hancock birth name: randy hancock
alias: dolph saucecock
title: swansebuckler
uses: time-critical applications on a virtualized "grid" of computers.
records on: a tape recorder
since: 1985
first modem speed: 1200 baud
influences: plastikman and jenny.
best machine ever: PA system
dreams of: electric sheep
has nightmares of: blade runners
will: sample